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Develop a an exceptionally valuable project by employing unique out-of-industry talent in order to achieve and evolving it conceptually through proven research and development practices found supporting the highest valued brands in the fields of high tech and entertainment. 
The Wood Partners Development team managing this project came to the table with a depth of experience in managing complex projects and pursuing value through design and operations.  That team brought legendary marketer and former CEO of the Grateful Dead Peter McQuaid to the team to participate in the evolution of the concept.  Wood Partners also hired Jonathan Yarnold who came to the team with decades of Brand and Marketing experience with companies like Mercedes Benz and the San Francisco Giants. The team engaged acclaimed designer Harry Wolf to participate in the visioning process and help develop a vision that could then be handed off to the design teams of Seattle-based Hewitt Architects and Marinello Design Studios who have both led award-winning projects.
The Formula was simple – a) evolve a project based on research and development strategies found in the most successful brands of Silicon Valley, b) evolve a brand based on the best practices of the most successful branded communities in entertainment and c) evolve a design that responds to the core values and propensities of the target in a way that delivers something durable and scarce. McQuaid’s experience was in the art of marketing through attraction, as opposed to promotion, a strategy found at the base of the most successful brands in entertainment; whereas Yarnold was steeped in the analytical process of deducing a target market’s propensities to spend money through the art of interpreting “Big Data” relevant to the target market.
Silicon Valley develops products – with a lot of research and development.  Pursue a value proposition based on the that  and consumer It is clear that most thriving brands in the millennial market have an acute focus on the design of the products with which they purchase or rent. We engaged Hewitt and Marinello while having Wolf Architecture, who has worked with us on many of our projects, participate in setting much of the vision and design direction and creating a product that was intended to respond directly to the propensities of our target market. These elements, when combined with marketing in an attraction vs. promotion mindset, yielded a unique product; one of which its community needed time to discover the asset and make it their own.  Now that the community in and of itself is driving the demand, which is unique in the industry -- and if consistent with other successful brands -- it will continue to evolve and thrive with very little support going forward.  Read more here.
Recently conducted (May 2015) resident focus groups and surveys were implemented to gauge not only resident satisfaction, but whether propensity-based programming truly added value and pleasure to the Dimension community experience.  The results not only fell in line with original demographic findings, but in many cases the results exceeded them, as well.
Results reflected that while the great majority of our residents are professionals employed by many of the large and well-known organizations such as Amazon, Microsoft and many others -- nearly 60% of them also have musical training in their backgrounds and another 45% have artistic (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.) training, as well.  With this in mind, it is no surprise that over 53% of new residents stated that the Ground Floor Project positively influenced their decision to lease at Dimension. Another 83% responded that they enjoyed the initial, curated light art installations, and over 94% responded that they highly desired more of these types of art installations going forward.  A large majority of the respondents noted how the rooftop was the "closer" in their decision to lease at Dimension, along with unit design, amenities, and close, walkable proximity to work, restaurants, bars and other social activities. See more results and a gallery here.
See a video of a Ground Floor Project event here.
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